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Adult Bible




Sunday Morning Classes:




Wednesday Morning Class:

10:30am (Sept.-May)

Monday Morning Faith Foundations (a women's bible study):

Wednesday Evening Classes:

9:15am (Sept.-May)

6:30pm (Aug. - Mar.)

Sunday Morning


The Book of Daniel - Pastor Hagerman - Gym

The Book of Daniel--Join Pastor Hagerman on Sunday mornings to read the book of Daniel, one of the most familiar and yet strangest books of the Bible. Daniel has some stories that we all know and love (the fiery furnace, the lions' den), but it also has some sections that are just plain weird! This fall we will read through this interesting book and learn what it has to say not only about the history of the people of God, but also the future that He has in store for them and for the entire world.

1st Corinthians - Bob Quebbeman - Woker Room

1st Corinthians-Dr. Quebbeman’s class in Paul's great 1st Corinthians letter is continuing. All are invited to join even if they have not attended before. These final chapters are important and understandable by everyone. Following that we will launch into the most interesting prophetic book of Zechariah. It will be an exciting year!

Households of Faith - Zeke Young - Family Room

Households of Faith-Zeke Young will lead us in three habits that are active in spiritually vibrant households. These households 1) apply spiritual disciplines; 2) extend hospitality; 3) engage in spiritual conversations. Zeke’s class teaches many different subjects. Most studies take 4-8 weeks to finish. He uses video resources to get his classes started and then there is discussion time for insights and questions. Zeke welcomes all to his class for great fellowship and learning.

Senior High Youth - Josh Sexton - Youth Room

Youth from 9th-12th grade meet to discuss Scripture and its application to high school life.

Weekly Studies:

Monday Morning:

Women's Bible Study

The Catholic Epistles (Part 2)--Our Faith Foundations women's Bible study will continue reading through the Catholic Epistles this year and learning what the apostles had to say about God, faith, and our lives as Christians. We plan on studying 2 Peter, Jude, and the three letters of John. The format of the class will be small group discussions, large group lectures, and home Bible study. All the ladies of Trinity are invited to attend the class and bring as many friends as they'd like!

Faith Foundations: The Catholic Epistles (Part 2)

Pastor Hagerman - Gym

Wednesday Morning:

Adult Bible Study

1st Thessalonians-Join Vicar Sam in this semester-long class covering one of St. Paul’s earlies epistles…1st Thessalonians! Characterized by its emphasis on suffering as a Christian, thankfulness, what happens when we die and one of the most comprehensive descriptions we have about Christ’s return on the Last Day, 1st Thessalonians offers encouragement not just for the church in Thessalonica-but for us as well in our day-to -day lives.

1st Thessalonians

Vicar Sam - Gym

Wednesday Evening:

Midweek Adult Bible Studies

Parenting in God’s Way-Have you ever felt inadequate, ill-equipped, or unconfident in your role as a parent? You're not alone! Since we live in a sinful world, parenting is not easy. But God gives us biblical tools and strategies that will help you and your family thrive as you grow in faith together. In this class we’ll cover various topics including time management, technology safety and use, discipline, at-home faith formation through prayer, family devotions, and more! Throughout each class we’ll cover biblical ways to handle difficult situations and conversations, build trust with your children, teach repentance and forgiveness, and help children grow in their faith. Parents with children of any age will benefit from this class as we join in group discussions and learn from many different biblical resources. Every week will be different so don’t hesitate to join us at any time! Facilitated by Jody Hackley and Hannah Knehans, DFLM

Parenting in God's Way

Hannah Knehans (DFLM) - Family Room

Jody Hackley

Bonus Content
Theories of Atonement: An Overview

Use the link to jump to a  video on TLC's YouTube Page discussing theories of atonement, and biblical support to the ways in which Jesus'  death and resurrection brings us salvation.  Leader: Pastor Hagerman  Date: 9.12.22

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