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A great time to socialize with your Trinity congregation! Family dinner, midweek school, Bible studies, and music ministry. 

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Midweek theme:

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Weekly Schedule:

Adjourned during the summer months


     - Dinner served

6:00 - 7:30pm  

     - Childcare (toddlers)

     - 7th/8th Confirmation class

     - K/6th Theology study

     - Adult Classes

     - Adult Choir


Adjusted Lenten Schedule:


     - Dinner served

5:30 pm -Bell Choir

5:45 pm - Kids of the Kingdom

5:45 pm - Adult Choir

6:00 pm - 7th/8th Confirmation

6:00 pm - Adult Bible Study

6:10 pm - 3rd-6th Class & K-2nd

Class List (by age)

     - Childcare: Newborn to PreK

     - Kindergarten Class: Kindergarten

     - 'Good News Crew:' 1st - 2nd Grade

     - Catechism Classes: 7th - 8th Grade

     - Adult Bible Studies


Midweek Parent Handbook

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Adult Midweek Bible Studies:

Parenting in God's Way

Hannah Knehans & Jody Hackley

Have you ever felt inadequate, ill-equipped, or unconfident in your role as a parent? You're not alone! Since we live in a sinful world, parenting is not easy. But God gives us biblical tools and strategies that will help you and your family thrive as you grow in faith together. In this class we’ll cover various topics including time management, technology safety and use, discipline, at-home faith formation through prayer, family devotions, and more! Throughout each class we’ll cover biblical ways to handle difficult situations and conversations, build trust with your children, teach repentance and forgiveness, and help children grow in their faith. Parents with children of any age will benefit from this class as we join in group discussions and learn from many different biblical resources. Every week will be different so don’t hesitate to join us at any time!

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