Trinity First Class 

We are excited to have you apart of First Class!  You will find all the documents you need on this site, as they become available! 


Not in the class, but have a desire to know more about what it is?  First Class is for individuals who desire to become members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and of Trinity congregation in Springfield, Missouri.  


It's not only for those individuals who are not yet members!  If you are Lutheran and desire to review your doctrine, if you are just curious or desire to inquire what Lutheran Christians believe, teach, and confess (no obligations, no gimmicks, no strings attached), and for members to bring family, friends, and neighbors who are un-churched this is a great class to come learn and hear the good news! 


Topic:  The Gift of Eternal Life: The 

                       Soteriological Mystery

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Module 1 

Topic: Registration & Orientation

Documents:  Introduction Handout


Module 2 

Topic: The Existence of God & Creation:

                             The Mystery of Origins 

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Module 3 

Topic: Humanity:  The Anthropological


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Module 4 

Topic:   Jesus the Christ:  The Christological



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Module 5

Module 6

Topic:  The Christian Life:  The Holy

                          Spirit and the Church​


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Module 7

Topic:  The Means of Grace: Baptism

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Module 8

Topic:         The Means of Grace: Holy


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Module 9

Topic:  Truth:   The Epistemological


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Module 10

Topic: Worship:  The Divine Service

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Module 11

Topic:    Death and Afterlife:  The

                    Eschatological Mystery

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