Adult Bible Studies

  • Sunday Morning Classes - 9:30 a.m.

  • Monday Morning Woman's Class - 9:15 a.m.

  • Wednesday Morning Class - 10:30 a.m.

  • Wednesday Evening Classes - 6:30 p.m. (Aug. - Mar.)

Sunday Morning

(9:30 a.m.)


The Book of Romans - Pastor Hagerman - Gym

Come join us as we read St. Paul’s epistle to the Romans, the book of the Bible that helped Martin Luther make his breakthrough in understanding the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Romans covers all kinds of important topics: sin, righteousness, justification, sanctification, faith, baptism, perseverance in suffering, submission to the governing authorities, and the relationships between Jews and Gentiles in the Christian Church. In reading Romans, we will not only be reintroduced to some of the basics of the faith, but we will also gain a greater understanding of our Reformation heritage as Lutherans.

The Book of Revelation - Bob Quebbeman - Woker Room

Dr. Quebbeman’s ongoing study of Revelation will continue during the fall semester. If you are interested in the end times, the return of Jesus, and the new heaven and earth, then this is the class for you! Join us as we navigate the cryptic language of Revelation and examine various end times doctrines that are taught in the church, so that we may better discern what is true and what is false. Revelation may be a strange and frightening book at times, but ultimately it points to Jesus Christ and His salvation of the world, which makes it well worth studying indeed!

Nurturing Your Faith: Called - Zeke Young - Family Room

God calls us to faith through His Word, through Baptism, through Communion, and through the witness of faithful Christians. In Nurturing Your Faith: Called, learners will see how God's call changes us and shapes us into His people. Called from the world to be new creations, by faith we recognize God at work in our lives. There will be challenges; however, as we find our voice to speak the truth in love, the world will try to silence us. Thankfully, it is God's Spirit who empowers us, giving us the words to say. This is a Lutheran Hour Ministries video Bible study taught by Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, the Speaker of the Lutheran Hour.

Senior High Youth - Josh Sexton - Youth Room West Wing

Youth from 9th-12th grade meet to discuss Scripture and its application to high school life.

Monday Morning (Women's Bible Study)

(9:15 a.m.)


Faith Foundations: The Catholic Epistles - Pastor Hagerman - Woker Room

No, the Catholic Epistles are not those books of the Apocrypha that are found only in the Roman Catholic Bible. The Catholic Epistles are those letters that are found at the end of the New Testament, those that were not written to one particular church, but were meant to be circulated among many different churches. They are called “catholic” because they were “universal” or “general,” rather than addressed to specific places and dealing with specific situations. All ladies of the congregation are invited to read through these books with us. We will be studying James, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude, and, if we have time, 1, 2, and 3 John. We are looking forward to getting Faith Foundations started again after a year and a half hiatus!

Wednesday Morning

(10:30 a.m.)


Old Testament Historical Survey - Pastor Hagerman - Gym

Have you ever wondered how all of the Old Testament Bible stories you learned as a kid all fit together? We know that Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, but why were they there in the first place? When did the great flood and Noah’s ark happen? How did David killing Goliath cause a major power struggle in the kingdom of Israel? If you want to learn the history of God’s people of Israel, and connect those familiar Bible stories to a single, comprehensive chronology, then this is the class for you! Join us on Wednesdays as we read through the historical portions of the Old Testament and gain a greater understanding of how all of those events relate to each other, and how they point forward to Jesus and the New Testament as well.

 Wednesday Evening 

(6:00 p.m.)


Engaging the Psalms - Hannah Knehans (DFLM) - Youth Room

Join us as we use Engaging the Psalms: A Guide for Reflection and Prayer from CPH. This wonderful devotional will lead our discussion through all 150 Psalms. The Psalms speak from a broad range of human emotion and can help us gain insight into our everyday lives. Enjoy a quiet time to study the Psalms together and gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful book of the Bible.
(Please join these classes at any time! They are stand-alone studies of a different Psalm or two each week).

The Deep End - Family Room

Parents of midweek school students (or of kids of any age) are invited to participate in a relaxed, casual group in which the issues facing Christian children and adults today are discussed. This study will not be rigid in its format; there will be plenty of time for discussion and sharing as we all seek to support each other in living out our Christian faith in today’s world. If you are in need of somewhere to go while your kids are busy in midweek, then this is the class for you!